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1 gallon honey weighs 11 lbs., 13.2 ounces.

DSCF0959There was a time when I could lay back on the couch, ignoring sports flickering on the TV, daydreaming while the world continues.  And polish off a six-pack of Coca-Cola®.  In one hour.  This excessive consumption of caffeine and high fructose corn syrup alarmed and frightened those around me, and, knowing better than I do, removed soda from the house and replaced it with sun tea.  Herbal, caffeine-free tea, chilled or outright cold.  Boring!

DSCF0941Sometimes it would taste better than other times, and I started to pay attention, until I was making a gallon of a rather tasty brew every day or so in the summer .  An interesting mix of teas, honey, and fresh mint make all the difference.  Steep times increased, and direct sunlight was removed from the process.

My best brews come from a gallon jug with 7 or 8 tea bags steeped 20 hours.  Two tablespoons of honey dissolved in half a cup of hot water.  A handful of mint from the garden, washed in hot water to  help bring out the oils.  Four hours in the fridge, and it is ready to drink without ice.  As God intended.  The Garden of Eden contained no ice, after all.

So buy a gallon jug of honey at the next farm show you visit.  Decant the honey into smaller jars.  Use the jug to make your own tea.  Don’t worry about your Coca-Cola stock.  They’ll think of something to prop up sales, no doubt.

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