Ramon’s Taco • Planada CA

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DRIVING THROUGH THE ALMOND trees of the Central Valley can be hungry work!  You’re headed to or from Yosemite or Mariposa, and wonder, “Where can I get a decent burrito or taco?”.  Yes, the packing lot by the Mineral Museum sometimes has an excellent lunch truck, but if you can wait until you get to Planada, you’re in for a treat!!!

Hey, and there’s Ramon himself, in his sharp red truck!  Ramon knows his stuff, and now has several trucks.  I first discovered his truck when bringing a friend into Mariposa.  The vegetarian burro was a two-hander, and dripping with so much flavor, I’d of sworn it had a pork-based sauce within.

DSCF0043However good it was, the best has got to be the al pastor burrito!  He’s figured out how to punch up the ingredients to a new high of culinary pleasure! This thing is BURSTIN’ with flavor!  If I could eat every meal, I’d be the happiest of men!  The tacos are the same.  Not the Americanized TacoSmut version, but the REAL DEAL!

Stop in Planada or where ever you see Ramon’s vans.  He will personally return your money if you are not 100% satisfied!


  DSCF0045 DSCF0049 DSCF0060



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