Grapefruit • Acme vs. Trader Joe’s

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Wow!  Did you see the headline?  American grapefruit sinks to record lows!  Seems Americans want a fast east snack they can eat with one hand.  Because we are so busy doing important things.

What a load of crock!  The communications and media industry is shaping this image.  If you can manage to think for yourself, try a delicious snack that requires a couple of minutes to prepare.

Usually I’ll cut a grapefruit into eights and eat it like it’s smaller citrus cousin, the orange.  Or I’ll slice the fruit right off the eights into a bowl.  Very civilized snack.  A grapefruit spoon?  I receive no joy digging small pieces of meat out of the fruit.  Mouthfuls are so much more pleasant. 

Since we are not in Arizona in December, eating half a dozen free grapefruit a day right off a backyard tree, the grocers are getting our business.  Acme and Trader Joe’s.  Both offer a decent fruit.  

Acme still has South African, of even symmetrical appearance.  A nice dark yellow/red rind, with tart pink dense innards.  $7 for a 5 pound bag of six.  Trader Joe’s has an American grapefruit for a buck each.  I choose the heavier ones, but there are plenty of lighter ones.  Yellow meat, looser, and sweeter.

Both grapefruit are nice.  For comparison, I weighed fruit before and after cleaning.  AmericanLunchbox has developed the M/F ratio for this purpose.  The weight of the fruit under the weight of the cleaned fruit, expressed as a decimal.  Two of each fruit were analyzed.

Conclusion:  The Acme fruit was better quality right now if you like a tart grapefruit.  Trader’s?  Better value.  I’d bet a shiny nickel Trader Joe’s quality is closer to the  imported within a couple of months, or at least equal is quality, but available at a better price.

Acme South African  12 ⅞ oz –> 6 ¼ oz   –  M/F = .48

Acme South African  13 1/2 oz –> 7 ⅛ oz  –  M/F = .52

Trader Joe’s American  19 – oz –> 8 ⅜ oz   –  M/F = .44

Trader Joe’s American  16 1/2 – oz –> 8  oz  –  M/F = .48

The family of flavors range from highly acidic and somewhat sour to sweet and tart. Grapefruit mercaptan, a sulfur-containing terpene, is one of the substances which has a strong influence on the taste and odor of grapefruit, compared with other citrus fruits. – wikipedia

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