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morton-full-size CONTINUITY IS A GOOD thing.  Visiting the supermarket, finding the same brands one sees as a kid, ties past with present.  Your parents trusted it, you trust it, your kids will (maybe?) trust it.  I always reach for the Morton.  When it rains, it pours refers to the anti-caking formula Morton uses.   Modern climate-controlled homes may have made the motto obsolete.  But I always reach for the blue cardboard cylinder when it’s time to fill the shaker or add that all-important ½ teaspoon to the muffin recipe.

47384-roasted-unsalted-sunflower-seedsIn a pinch, when I require salt immediately for ice removal on the front stoop, there is the store brand.  Which I’ve used in muffins with no ill-effects.  But the blue cardboard container of Morton is always my first choice for chili and muffins.  Salt is essential to open up flavors in both savory and sweet dishes.  But have Americans been led astray?  Taught that excessive salt itself it a good flavor?  You can spot these brainwashed Spawn of Advertisements.  They salt without first tasting their food.  And are usually overweight.

It’s easier than you think to reduce salt.  Just cut back.  Add other flavors instead.  Buy unsalted nuts on your next trip to Trader Joe, pour some in a jar, and add a pinch of salt.  After a few tries, you’ll notice a better-tasting snack.  And you’ll be on the road to better health.


2 thoughts on “Morton Salt

    Ron Natalie said:
    April 6, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    I agree with every statement up until you say “you’ll be on the road to better health.” Most people have no issue with salt. It’s an often repeated myth that restricting sodium in the normal population will improve health. In fact, it’s pretty much been disproven in studies that had the goal of proving such correlation.


    American Toolbox responded:
    April 7, 2015 at 9:45 pm

    Ron, you could certainly be right. And to all the people who eat only a “single serving” of Fritos® Corn Chips, hats off to you. Most people, though, eat far more that a sensible serving.

    Looking at this with hard data, a study group of one with high blood pressure reduced their sodium levels by cutting salty processed snacks and junk food. Within six months their blood pressure returned to “normal”.

    Can’t argue with scientific testing such as this, can you? – ATB


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