Mocha Madness • Pochatello ID

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On an early Sunday morning, I dutifully follow the metallic instructions from my Nüvi.  The historic district, however, was closed.  As was Main Street Cafe.  My loss, I’m sure.

But circling back, I return to a cheery AND OPEN stand-alone shop, and quickly make friends with the equally cheery barista, Stephanie.  Fresh coffee, clean floors, plenty of choices.  While the vittles were lacking due to the weekend gobbling, there was plenty of coffee and wifi.

Being a college town, Pocatello has it’s vibrant art and music scene.  And in the mountains, hiking and biking are tops.  Most surprising, one of the customers is gushing about the snow, soon to come.  Her bicycle is outfitted with snow tires, and she is raring to go!

Mocha Madness – worth the stop !!!