Basic Chili (with beans) • Anywhere USA

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DSCF0938Can’t cook?  Won’t learn?  Getting tired of fast food and cereal every meal?  Here’s a basic everybody can eat, easy to make, freezes well, and turns a house into a  home.

 Using familiar staples, you can whip up a batch of fresh chili in about an hour.  And leave the “beans” debate to Texans.  What debate?  It seems that purists refuse to recognize spiced meat, onions, and tomatoes as “chili” is one adds a single bean.  Humm . . . 

So have at it!  Brown a pound of ground beef.  Remove and saute a large chopped onion in the fat.  Then dump the meat back in,  add a can each of chopped tomatoes and rinsed beans, along with a packet of chili seasoning.

Don’t just mash it around.  Mix it all up by lifting portions and folding into other areas.  You’ll have to add a little water, maybe 2 ounces to start.  It’ll take a few minutes to bring it back to a simmer, then maybe ten or fifteen more to finish it.

Grab a bowl and spoon, some dried hots, and a box of Saltines.  Enjoy!

DSCF0935  DSCF0945  DSCF0936  DSCF0946  DSCF0949  DSCF0937  DSCF0950  DSCF0951



Some tips:  Chop the onion while the beef is browning.  While the onion is cooking, rinse and beans and wash the onion-chopping implements.  While everything is cooking, finish washing up.


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