Fuzzy’s Taco Shop • Tempe AZ

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logoPROWLING THE PAVEMENT, on the hunt for decent Mexican, one does not have to go far in this excellent party town.  Plenty of signage to lure a cash-strapped college student.  Vidi, odoratus sum venundatus.  I saw the sign, smelled the food, and was sold.

Even before entering, clearly, I had found a popular hangout.  Raucous laughter, a patron or two nearly in tears with hilarity, this was the party joint.  Copious margaritas flowed amid plates of steaming chow.  But the question, is it quantity over quality?

fuzzy'sWe went with a standard.  Burrito smothered in enchilada sauce.  Used to the red, it came with the green.  No matter, as I picked up the tray,  this was the Matterhorn of burritos.  And stuffed it was.  Spiced pork, slow-roasted, and shredded.  Crisp veggies and a garlic-lime-mayo dressing rolled up in a fresh tortilla.  Heaven!  Filling!  Cheap!  Excellent decor!  Triple thumbs and toes up! 


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