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LucquesOlivesJarOFTEN CRITICIZED FOR MY EATING habits,  the unhealthiness evidently extends to regular meals of bread, olives, peppers, cheese, and pickles.  A perfect meal before long bike rides or a day in the trenches.  Keeps me innards happy and me tummy flat.

Jarred olives with the pit seems to be the best value.  A couple bucks keeps me in pits for a week.  Sometimes I’ll spring for a better olive, sometimes not.  A recent trip to the grocer found $2 shelves bare, but there resided on a $4 shelf an olive unfamiliar to me.

Bought once, then again and again.  The rest is history.  Among my choices are now always to be found a Trader Joe’s import, Lucques Olives.  Tasty, firm, nutty.  And call me nuts, but I find they have a nuance of chocolate.  Pairs nicely with more olives, peppers, cheese, bread (sourdough), and a pouring of cold water in a clean clear glass.

We’ve come a long way from Hunter-Gather.  I still consume standing up, when I’m hungry, small meals.  Back to my Neanderthal roots, when a handful of olives made every meal a happy occasion.


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