I may someday visit Wales just for the cheese.

Cheese Toast

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cheese toast jserg 5It is so easy to over eat.  Enter any diner, and you’ll find the average “snack” has as many calories as a full meal of a century ago.  We may be living longer, but are we healthier?  

Blame competition among eateries who cater to the sizable contingent of those who feel quantity makes up for quality.  A stomach-packing meal is the result.

Instead of heading to the diner in the middle of the night when dinner misses its mark, I economize as well as healthize.  A snack is wanted, and a snack I have.  Lately, I’ve been going for a cup of pear-apricot tea and some toast.  Trader Joe sells a nice Tuscan Pane, a bit like sourdough.  And butter, of course.  Then I sometimes wanted a nice sharp cheese on top, but I stopped buying sliced cheese.  So finally I rationalized using the grader for just a snack, with the associated cleaning involved.  NBD, if you wash up immediately.

The cheese makes the toast.  TJ’s “Collier’s Welsh Cheddar Cheese.  Plenty strong, graded on the finest side, it’s slender curls almost begin melting if the toast is hot enough.  And I double-toast my sourdough to a crispy brown with hints of black.  Really melds the cheese into the whole project.  Pulls the whole thing together.

I may someday visit Wales just for the cheese.