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Coca-Cola ecotainer® with Ingeo™

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CocaCola ecotainer compostable paper cup 3

Sticky drink subjects are left to others.  Usually.  We did cover  Monin syrup last summer in conjunction with Italian sodas.  But an interesting thing can happen in this content and media driven environment we call life.  I can become bored.  Bored enough to read the advertising on my Coke cup at the airport, stranded temporarily between flights. 

Rather exciting it was to discover the words “MADE IN U.S.A.” on the cup bottom.  Reading further, I find that International Paper has developed a compostable paper cup with a plant-based lining, instead of the petroleum-based (plastic) linings one has traditionally found on paper cups.

sfi-logoAnd Coke wants McDonald’s to serve Coke products in this compostable paper cup with a plant-based lining, made from paper from responsibly managed forests (SFI®). 

FAR OUT! – john denver

 1] Tastes great   2] Refreshing   3] Certified BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) cup   4] Meets ASTM D6400 for compostability!   5] SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative paper!


Cracker Barrel Asiago

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AsiagoREADING TERMINAL MARKET Philadelphia boasts a few fantastic vendors.  Regularly I saddle up to a short counter for a bowl each of rice & steamed greens with scallions and oyster sauce.  Then maybe to the Amish deli case, where you can still lay a dollar on the counter and get a dollar’s meat.  Don’t forget the donut maker.  Hundreds, nay, thousands, boiled daily in vats of fresh oil.  Mmmmmmm donuts.

Today the Health Angel whispered from my shoulder.  No donuts.  After rice and greens, I happened past a cheese counter the better part of a city block long.  If cheese you want, this is the place.

A few weeks ago, the local grocer’s featured a seasonal Cracker Barrel offering, Asiago.  A very interesting flavor.  Cracker Barrel will sell you a chunk for a fifth of the cheese counter’s price.  It is a decent offering.  Pairs nicely with olives, pepperoncini, maybe a few crackers.

Pepperoncini PepperIf you see Cracker Barrel on sale, stock up!  Be sure to grab a 7 oz package of chunk Asiago.  Later, join me at RTM.  We’ll splurge on the real stuff at five times the price.  A little comparative munching.  Both are worth it.  Both are great values.

What happened at the RTM cheese counter?  I sampled.  Much stronger then Cracker Barrel.  “This is real cheese, son”.  Well worth $12.99 a pound.  $9.99 if over a pound.  They happened to have a single ½ pound piece already cut from the wheel.  I did them the favor of buying for a fiver laid on the counter.