Trust your instincts

Ted’s Charcoal Broiled ◊ Tempe AZ

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.15.16 AMHunger knocks upon the stomach!  Charbroiled hot dogs and hamburgers are America’s perennial answer to this age-old dilemma!  Who’s got the goods?  Ted has the goods! 

My favorite?  Can’t decide!  Sometimes the Foot-Long with mustard, relish, onions.  A boysenberry shake and excellent fries top off an already stellar meal.

Or sometimes the burger is preferred.  Always fresh, always charbroiled.  Same toppings as the dog.  Just as good or better.

Driving by Ted’s,  one is enticed by odors puffing from the restaurant:  grilled meat!  Trust your instincts.  A fantastic choice whether you are hungry or not!

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