San Kee Lunch Counter • Philadelphia

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6-reading-terminal-market-logoWithin the historic Reading Terminal Market, across from Old City Coffee, one finds a dozen stools affronting a high counter.  Behind the counter, four or five white-clad employees, dedicated to quickly serving great food, dance and jostle.  Dumplings, duck, pork, rice and chicken.  Chop-chop fast-fast!  Welcome to San Kee! *

At some point, I realized less is more.  A small lunch at 11am before the tradesman’s slithering and crawling into the tightest depths of a colonial-era building was the most I might have.  The colonists were of smaller stature, perhaps?

Regardless, the “80% full” mantra has stuck with me.  Regular visits to this lunch counter have contained my belly and my wallet! My favorite?  A bowl of rice and a bowl of steamed greens with scallions and oyster sauce.  $3.25 in 2015.

* there are several in the Philadelphia area. this is my favorite.


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