Coca-Cola ecotainer® with Ingeo™

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CocaCola ecotainer compostable paper cup 3

Sticky drink subjects are left to others.  Usually.  We did cover  Monin syrup last summer in conjunction with Italian sodas.  But an interesting thing can happen in this content and media driven environment we call life.  I can become bored.  Bored enough to read the advertising on my Coke cup at the airport, stranded temporarily between flights. 

Rather exciting it was to discover the words “MADE IN U.S.A.” on the cup bottom.  Reading further, I find that International Paper has developed a compostable paper cup with a plant-based lining, instead of the petroleum-based (plastic) linings one has traditionally found on paper cups.

sfi-logoAnd Coke wants McDonald’s to serve Coke products in this compostable paper cup with a plant-based lining, made from paper from responsibly managed forests (SFI®). 

FAR OUT! – john denver

 1] Tastes great   2] Refreshing   3] Certified BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) cup   4] Meets ASTM D6400 for compostability!   5] SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative paper!

Mojo Yogurt ◊ Tempe AZ

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10401267_68846658768_5607386_nWhen the tummy says “Eat” but you want something light and healthy, nothing can beat fresh ice cream-like yogurt from MOJO.  Dozens of flavors!  Self-serve soft-serve!  Pay only for what you serve yourself.

My favorite?  Banana with chocolate sprinkles -called “Jimmies” east of the Mississippi.  Magnet Muncher goes for multiple varieties of chocolate topped with strawberries and more chocolate.  The repeating theme which nurtures mind and body.

If you don’t immediately take a chair and sample your way through your choice, head a little further north along Mill Avenue to Tempe Town Lake. A nice place to sit, savor, and chat with a dear friend.  I’ve never made it a dozen steps outside MOJO, however, before beginning my treat.  A bench in an adjacent courtyard allows one contemplation of their Just Desserts.  There will be plenty of time for a walk afterwards!  : – )

Paul, @ MOJO in Tempe says, “Hi! Come on in!”

paul at mojo tempe

San Kee Lunch Counter • Philadelphia

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6-reading-terminal-market-logoWithin the historic Reading Terminal Market, across from Old City Coffee, one finds a dozen stools affronting a high counter.  Behind the counter, four or five white-clad employees, dedicated to quickly serving great food, dance and jostle.  Dumplings, duck, pork, rice and chicken.  Chop-chop fast-fast!  Welcome to San Kee! *

At some point, I realized less is more.  A small lunch at 11am before the tradesman’s slithering and crawling into the tightest depths of a colonial-era building was the most I might have.  The colonists were of smaller stature, perhaps?

Regardless, the “80% full” mantra has stuck with me.  Regular visits to this lunch counter have contained my belly and my wallet! My favorite?  A bowl of rice and a bowl of steamed greens with scallions and oyster sauce.  $3.25 in 2015.

* there are several in the Philadelphia area. this is my favorite.

Trader Meal

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DSCF2558ONCE AGAIN WE ARE TOO tired to write this week’s installment of ALB.  Procrastination is the order of the afternoon.  With a little nibble, as it turns out.

Water into the Nuke-u-lator for a cup of Trader Joe’s Mint Tea.  Within  three minutes, my Tuscan Pane is toasted and cut.  A bowl has been filled with olives (two kinds), cheese,  and baby carrots.  So far, everything is from Trader.

A few imported pepperoncini for luck.  Jars back in the fridge.  I’m seated, images uploaded, and typing before the 3 minute timer goes off.  Ding!  Tea’s done!

Fantastic!  Trader Joe’s has again saved me from malnutrition!  Did not even need the Trader apples and pickles!  Will I be hungry after this “meal”? Maybe a little.  Well, not really.  80% full.  A glass of water makes it complete. DSCF2559

Lucques Olives • Trader Jacques

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LucquesOlivesJarOFTEN CRITICIZED FOR MY EATING habits,  the unhealthiness evidently extends to regular meals of bread, olives, peppers, cheese, and pickles.  A perfect meal before long bike rides or a day in the trenches.  Keeps me innards happy and me tummy flat.

Jarred olives with the pit seems to be the best value.  A couple bucks keeps me in pits for a week.  Sometimes I’ll spring for a better olive, sometimes not.  A recent trip to the grocer found $2 shelves bare, but there resided on a $4 shelf an olive unfamiliar to me.

Bought once, then again and again.  The rest is history.  Among my choices are now always to be found a Trader Joe’s import, Lucques Olives.  Tasty, firm, nutty.  And call me nuts, but I find they have a nuance of chocolate.  Pairs nicely with more olives, peppers, cheese, bread (sourdough), and a pouring of cold water in a clean clear glass.

We’ve come a long way from Hunter-Gather.  I still consume standing up, when I’m hungry, small meals.  Back to my Neanderthal roots, when a handful of olives made every meal a happy occasion.

Ted’s Charcoal Broiled ◊ Tempe AZ

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.15.16 AMHunger knocks upon the stomach!  Charbroiled hot dogs and hamburgers are America’s perennial answer to this age-old dilemma!  Who’s got the goods?  Ted has the goods! 

My favorite?  Can’t decide!  Sometimes the Foot-Long with mustard, relish, onions.  A boysenberry shake and excellent fries top off an already stellar meal.

Or sometimes the burger is preferred.  Always fresh, always charbroiled.  Same toppings as the dog.  Just as good or better.

Driving by Ted’s,  one is enticed by odors puffing from the restaurant:  grilled meat!  Trust your instincts.  A fantastic choice whether you are hungry or not!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.14.52 AM

Yogurt & Granola

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yogurt granola maplesyrup cinnamonsugar

A SIMPLE BREAKFAST FOR A SIMPLE MAN.  Usually a piece of cheese with morning coffee.  Occasionally, especially when press time knocketh, I stretch my imagination.  This time, a real treat blooms forth.

We speak of my weekly breakfast desert treat.  Yogurt with granola, maple syrup, and cinnamon sugar.

Directions to make:  Start with a scoop of yogurt in a clean clear glass bowl.  Lately, it has been Trader Joe’s Plain Greek Yogurt.  Firm, consistent, and always fresh.  Next a sprinkling as desired of granola.  Bear Naked is the brand of choice.  Today we choose SeaSalt Caramel Apple.  Yum!  A dribble of pure maple syrup and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar completes the dish.

Tasty, healthy, sweet.  It’s got everything.  In the words of J.W. Jackson, Delish!

bear naked granola